In the shadow of the spire

The begining
The story of our heroes.

I am Xavendithas the blind seer. i do not choose what visions come to me i see brave kings and there rise to power, twisted clerics on a quest to appease dark gods, and simple farmers tinding to the land.Now my blind eyes bring me visions of a group of unlikley heroes and there battle against a dark foe. the story begins in the sleepy port town of hawkhaven. Alas it was not ment to stay that way. As if out on nowhere a black spire appeared outside of town and strange things begain to happen strange nosies came from the woods, animals gave birth to stillborn and dead rose from there graves. Lucas a young orphin found in the streets and raised in the church of pelor, renard a forest huntress and ranger, and adwyn a sea fairing swashbuckler find themselves forced to leave hawkhaven.


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